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How our Personal Injury Lawyers work for you

You probably feel stressed about now. If you are viewing this page you have probably been injuried in some way and need our help. Whether it is a car accident, dog bite, or other serious injury, we can tell you whether or not your are entitled to compensation. Working with insurance companies can be slow and not very fun. You might be feeling like you are held hostage and totally overwhelmed by the process. At Alex Mendoza Law our personal injury lawyers will remove the stress of insurance companies, paperwork, phone calls, files, and the uncertainty of not knowing what to do next. We work under pressure to achieve better results. You don’t pay, if we don’t win.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers Promise

Alex Mendoza is a personal injury lawyer dedicated to helping you and your family get the compensation you deserve and to provide personal, responsive service along every step of the way. A good personal injury lawyer not only handles your personal injury claim, but also assists with your claim for the damage to your car. We understand the financial hardships of personal injury accident victims. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident that has resulted in a personal injury, whether it was a personal injury due to a motor vehicle accident, a personal injury due to a slip and fall, or a personal injury due to a motorcycle accident, call your personal injury lawyer that can help you.

Alex Mendoza founded our law offices on the principle that personal injury lawyers should possess an aggressive and compassionate work ethic.  Using our knowledge and experience we work hard to settle your case quickly.

Do not talk to any insurance company before you call your personal injury lawyer, Alex Mendoza.

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Personal Injury Lawyers

Providing Full Representation

We provide skilled representation for all types of motor vehicle accidents. We are determined to obtain a full and fair personal injury settlement for our clients and their families. We handle a variety of types of personal injury accidents, including:

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Helpful Hints From Your Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal Injury Lawyer Hint 1: Don’t Talk To Insurance Companies

Insurance companies very often will call you multiple times to see if your story changes. Because they record these calls, any changes in your story could negatively impact your claim.

Personal Injury Lawyer Hint 2: Don’t Sign Any Documents from the Insurance Companies

Insurance companies love getting customers to sign over their claims. They use language that seems supportive and reassuring, however, these documents sign away your right to any personal injury claims. Be sure to consult your personal injury lawyer to protect your interests. Don’t sign away your rights.

Personal Injury Lawyer Hint 3: Know Your Story

Write your story down, review your story with your personal injury attorney, and memorize your story. The easiest way of getting a claim denied are inconsistencies in your story. Make sure you review your story with your personal injury lawyer to support a clearly articulated story that gets you the settlement you deserve.

Personal Injury Lawyer Hint 4: Get Medical Treatment If You Were Injured

Don’t be afraid of the bills. We will use the medical records from your visits to the doctor to support your claim of personal injuries. When you arrive to the hospital be sure to mention that you were in an auto accident, this goes into the official record and strengthens our claim on your behalf. A strong majority of accident victims that go to the hospital get the full cost of their hospital visits reimbursed.

Personal Injury Lawyer Hint 5: Don’t Pay Any Bills

During the legal process it is customary for you to get bills in the mail for hospital visits and automotive deductibles. Bring those bills to us and we will make sure we include these amounts in your demand to the insurance company. Our well written and authoritatively structured correspondence ensures your claim gets the attention it deserves.

Personal Injury Lawyer Hint 6: Bring All Your Documentation To Your Free Legal Consultation

Once you step into our offices your consultation begins. Please bring all your documentation pertaining to the accident, these include:

  • Police Report (Download your police report here)
  • Insurance Documentation
  • A Written Copy of Your Story
  • Every Bill You Have Received
  • List of Possible Eye Witnesses

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We helped Ms. L Win $45,000 from an insurance company for her personal injuries

Ms. L was involved in a car accident. She was headed northbound. Defendant stated to the police officer that he was traveling westbound on the road through the intersection when he was struck in his driver’s side of his vehicle by Ms. L. Defendant stated that he was unsure if the light was green or red at the time he crossed the intersection. Ms. L stated that she was traveling northbound on the road and had the green light and continued north and struck the defendant’s vehicle. Ms. L stated to the police officer that defendant was behind a large semi and was close enough to the semi that he could not have seen that his light was red.

Ms. L and her son were injured in the accident. They went to physical therapy to treat for their personal injuries from the accident. Ms. L’s injuries were more severe. She had an MRI taken of her lower back. It showed that she had a herniated disc in her lower back. The billing for Ms. L’s medical treatment added up to over $20,000.

Defendant’s insurance companied denied responsibility for the accident. Ms. L was left with a permanent injury, i.e., a herniated disc in her spine, and over $20,000.00 in outstanding bills for medical expenses. Not to mention, her car was totaled in the accident.

Ms. L called Alex Mendoza Law to help her get compensated for her personal injury from the insurance company. The insurance company’s argument was that Ms. L had the red light, and so she was at-fault for the accident. So, attorney Alex Mendoza hired a mechanical expert to download the Electronic Data Recorder (EDR) from Ms. L’s car. In newer model vehicles, the EDR records data from the vehicle for seconds before the accident.
The EDR data showed that Ms. Lopez was stopped a few seconds before the accident. That meant that she was stopped at the red light at the intersection and waited for it to turn green before she went. People typically do not stop before they run a red light.

Once Alex Mendoza shared that data with the insurance company, they still did not change their position. Their position was that a jury would not award money to an illegal immigrant. So, attorney Alex Mendoza filed a motion in limine to exclude any evidence that showed Ms. L was an illegal immigrant, because such evidence was very prejudicial and irrelevant. The judge granted attorney Alex Mendoza’s motion to exclude the evidence.
Eventually, the insurance company gave up and offered Ms. L $45,000 to settle her case.


Illinois and Indiana Personal Injury Representation

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